The system consists of two separate units, the cableShield main control unit (CSMCU) and the remote alarm receiver (RAR).

Features of the cableShield main control unit, installed at the pivot:
• monitors the main cable with an external test voltage
• triggers an alarm / siren when cable circuit is interrupted
• calls the Remote Alarm Receiver
• sends text messages and / or calls stored numbers to inform about an alarm
• sends text messages about its status, if called by a stored number
• has additional sensors triggering an alarm in case of removing the control box cover, tampering with the box itself or for trying  to remove the siren
• runs on a 12V battery which allows the system to run up to two days without main power supply (build in battery charger included). If main power supply is not available a solar system is provided
• sends text messages to stored numbers if battery voltage drops under a free configurable  threshold
• no limitation on numbers to store
• optional: monitors main supplies (ZESCO) and sends text messages to stored numbers when power goes on or off

Features of the remote alarm receiver (RAR), to be installed at the guard house / workshop etc.
• receives a signal via GSM from the cableShield Main Control Unit and triggers an additional remote siren
• runs on a solar powered battery system
• one remote alarm receiver can cater for up to eight pivots